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A Bucket of Flowers for Her Wedding Day

Bring a bucket of flowers
Waiting for the bride he adores
Oh she is very happy and he loves her so
He can see her glowing aura of her face

It was just a few hours
When she threw an anchor
When she was in trouble and he was a hero
Her first presence in his life path in a unique case

But for her that moment was like only a passing by
And for him it was a tattoo not a hello and goodbye
She has had a coming home to harbour
She has a true love to live with and die for

So this is her wedding day
Unfortunately the groom is another he
But she doesn't forget for his kindness anyway
And he still keeps his fire in his heart secretly

So he is here with a bucket of flowers
That he's happy for her
Even they are not belong together
But he is thankful for knowing each other

~ Nataya Anindira 


design elements said...

thanks for your lovely comments. the photograph is wonderful and pairs so good with the poem. it made me think of somebody...btw love eading children books too. hugs to you


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