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Yellow Duo 1

I like yellow
Yellow duo 
Yellow flowers
 Sunshine lovers

Tiny pretty
Very happy
Happily dancing
Cheerful spring

~ Nataya Anindira 

I remember my experience about yellow
I had considered since i was a little girl
That i could be sad and cry without any reason
I looked for answer behind this uncomfortable symptom
I read about zodiac and color somewhere
And it was said that yellow was the color to cheer up
No matter it had relation with the star sign or not
I think it is not only me who feel that it was right
Yellow is a cheerful color
( though there are different meanings of the color yellow )

The strong impression of yellow i have
is not yellow flower
But cars!
Yellow Humvee, and Lamborghini
 And a yellow vintage bakery car
Anyway i like yellow lemon
I like my yellow fleece jacket
And i want my skin a glowing radiant 'yellow'  



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