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Trough the Fog - Photo and Poet

Trough the fog
Meet Mr. Prince Frog
He needs a magic love kiss
His cursed to be released

Trough the fog
Finding heart lock
The key fell down into the lake?
Well to find is not a piece of cake

Trough the fog
Why not just waiting around the clock
When it's clear
The prince charming will appear

~ Nataya Anindira 

Note: This lake is Dösner See, one beautiful site in National Park Hohe Tauern, Austria,  where i just cameback from. There is a mountain hut there, Arthur von Schmidhaus, where you can stay overnight. ( Actually i have taken tons of pictures ). You can go there with a nicely easy hiking trip. I could fall asleep if tell you the whole story and description. I may post little by little pics of this our fave place. But i can show you in this post that it was still cold but when it was foggy, it was such a misty dreamy atmosphere. ( you can imagine i was enjoying taking pictures in the fog ). 


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