Hallo, I'm sorry
Picontagious blog has moved to

Why don't you accompany me there?
I have tons of photos and more coming
Don't forget to update your bookmark and so on.
Wish to see you there and have an inspiring time.


Break News - From The Mountain

Hi, thankyou for your lovely comments! I'm still on a beautiful mountain up here more than 2000 meters high above the sea. I have to walk down to a generator that generates electricity for the mountain hut from waterfall, to get signal via my phone. You may imagine i am typing with my cold finger above a pile of rocks, few bees around and the vibration of a big machine behind me. Just to let you know that my blog is still alive. I have taken some pictures when the weather was nice today. It keeps changing every few seconds. And now at the end of typing this post the sun just brightly shining again. See you! Wish you all inspiring days and nice weather!


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