Hallo, I'm sorry
Picontagious blog has moved to

Why don't you accompany me there?
I have tons of photos and more coming
Don't forget to update your bookmark and so on.
Wish to see you there and have an inspiring time.


Tower There Behind


ittybittyandpretty said...

hello nataya,
firstly..a BIG THANK YOU for my sunshine award!!!i feel very lucky that you thought of me. i just checked my blog and it put an instant smile on my face ~_~ i am not very good at passing them on but i am pleased to have it just the same.
next...love love LOVE your pictures especially the sorbet road photo...is that your trick photography or all Gods work? and the light poles really do look like they are greeting the clouds, i could never take such good photos with true poetry in them. well done

last of all...have a brilliant day! you have made my day
%*_*% rosey

nataya, chacha, nchan said...

Thankyou Rosey, you deserved it:) Even i have enhanced the pic but i didn't manipulate so it's the real nature wonder!The real view even more beautiful. Of course you can Rosey, and you have captured with your nature camera, your eyes and your mind, and your heart:)

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