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four corner + a cone

Today I observe...

When I saw this view
I just felt it was beautiful
I thought it was just ordinary?
But it has rythm
And I catched a composition 
Rhombus on the pastel purple wall 
Rectangulars on the other wall
Squares on the fence
And only one spheric cone cut of a tree


raden felix said...

way to go...very nice combination of shapes... :)

gloriaputri said...

I love poetry, so I follow this blog :)
thank you for comment on my post :)
wanna see you with the orange shirt :)

have a nice day

Enno said...

waaaaah!!!! foto2 kamu gila banget!!!

keren2! sumpah! aku jadi ngiri!


Holly Anne said...

awesome composition! i love this photo!

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