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Blue to Purple to Pink to White Little Flowers

Today I'm out of the blue
Slightly becoming purple
Just a little melancholia
Bold in pink
Start smiling 
And light as white
Calming down and feeling peaceful

~ ~ ~ 

Today I am better
I feel like immortal
Keep alive
There was a time 
When i was going to sleep
And didn't have insomnia
I wished i would just never wake up

But today I'm better
A little honest smile
has survived
This time
When I will sleep
And doesn't have insomnia
I feel i would like to wake up
no more nightmare

~ Nataya Anindira


ittybittyandpretty said...

even though your photos are stunning your words were even brighter to me...thank you for visiting me, and letting me know that sharing my story of getting out of my blue days has been a help to you. i totally understand that just to know that someone else feels the same way sort of makes it easier to deal with.
your post has helped me...your pictures and poetry brought tears to my eyes.
thank you and good luck beating those blues

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