Hallo, I'm sorry
Picontagious blog has moved to

Why don't you accompany me there?
I have tons of photos and more coming
Don't forget to update your bookmark and so on.
Wish to see you there and have an inspiring time.



Dear lovely reader..or the watchers?
I have scheduled some next posts
Infact that i may not on my "robochan"
Because we want to go to..
Out of hometown
We will try canoe...
For freeee!
From a company in the Boat expo last time
And then...
To another town
to attend Caravan expo
I feel summer already
{Actually  I am a lazy traveller  + that I have travel sickness}
But that I may discover something  unique or kawaii
That i could share for you all
I am motivated


raden felix said...

watcher, for me...cos you put images mostly than writings :)

really nice tone,,like it so much. And the poet..just awesome!

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