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Misty Mode - Grey Lavender

I'm in the shade of grey
 Contaminated by lavender
 Dizzy and feel like loosing blood
I feel so light
Flying trough clouds
Blent with the mist 
I'm getting pale 
Fused into molecules of the air
 I'm thinking if my soul will be free tonight
Or trap between dimensions?
I'm freezing.
 I feel ticklish
But I'm in the mood of melancholia
But only a little
Just contaminated
I think soon i will be floating
I will be between grey and lavender

{ Nataya Anindira }


victor fox said...

Hi Nataya,
Thanks so much for coming past my blog! And your photos are just beautiful. my favourite is your winter vintage beetle!
Good luck,
and thanks again for stopping by

Sarah said...

Beautiful poem and picture :)

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