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Monumental Flowers Mozaik

In the name of variation for welcoming spring pictures, (actually i have been confuse when the winter is over and officialy it has been spring. There is still snowing sometime and freezing). I take you to South East Asia. The flowers i found on the wall of a temple in Thailand are breakable. In fact...all flowers are fragile and delicate. But at least this one not getting roten easily and bloom all seasons!

When i´m so breakable it´s not my fault
When i´m vurnable then i´m hurted alot
Please hold me so i stay in one piece
Don´t let me fall take the blues at ease
I´ll spring my heart after winter
I´ll bloom after cold night is over
 I´ll be washed by light along summer

{ Nataya Anindira, untitled, 2011 }



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