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Hallo, I'm sorry
Picontagious blog has moved to

Why don't you accompany me there?
I have tons of photos and more coming
Don't forget to update your bookmark and so on.
Wish to see you there and have an inspiring time.


Mini Monchi Orange 1

Wels is nice town
A lot of public spaces
Fest and exhibition
Vintage discoveries
And there is mini zoo
Animal garden
For free !
Here is one of my discovery there
I call it mini monchi orange :)
They are so curious
Jump very fast
Ups, almost got my camera!
Their voice is like hig sonar
I should browse their real name
And woow
They have bold orange fur !
o..o..don't ever think about wearing it
They are not to be hunted
please love the animals


tongchen@seattle said...

Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
Are you living in Austria?
You are welcomed to visit me at:

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