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Hallo, I'm sorry
Picontagious blog has moved to

Why don't you accompany me there?
I have tons of photos and more coming
Don't forget to update your bookmark and so on.
Wish to see you there and have an inspiring time.


I got Sunshine Award 2011! Update


Thankyou, thankyou
The inspirational
Tereza Anton

( visit her inspirational blog )

Just gave me

sunshine sunshine sunshine sunshine   

I'm so honored
She has Birthday today
And she even gave me
This wonderful birthday present
Sunshine in my 30 moment

This is what I have to do

1. Thank the person who gave you the award

2- Write a post about it

3- Pass it on to 12 blogs that you think really deserve it

4- Insert the link to their blog

5- Send them a message and tell them about it pleasure
So here 12 other inspirational blogs
for Sunshine Award 2011
(visit.... oh... visit...)

Amreta's graphics
Anna Plotnikova
A Dreamer's Daze
A Little Princess
Goodnight Little Spoon
Grinse Stern
Hwit Blogg
In Our Bedrooms
~ Itty - Bitty & Pretty
Penny Laine
Sunflares Plethora


Tereza Anton said...

You are so sweet, I hope you know that!

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